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Effect of inbreeding on body growth traits and sperm DNA fragmentation level in rams

Violeta Caro Petrovic
Institute for Animal Husbandry, Po. Box. 23, Belgrade, 11080 Zemun, Serbia
Abstract :
On a small closed population of Mis sheep the relationship was studied of the influence of inbreeding
on body weight growth from birth to the age of 18 months and sperm DNA fragmentation in rams.
Two groups of male lambs were used. First was composed of outbred, while the second of inbred
animals with inbreeding coefficient over 25%. Differences in body weight and daily gain related to
the presence of inbreeding in the pedigree were not found significant (P>0.05). The mean value of
sperm chromatin damage in rams of the outbred group varied from 1.93 to 12.37%, (mean = 7.32%)
and in inbred group from 13.76 to 37.67% (mean = 25.23%). Significant difference was identified
between the outbred and inbred rams in the mean percentage of sperm damaged (P<0.01).
Keywords :
body growth / DNA fragmentation / inbreeding / sperm DNA

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Volume 31, Number 1, - 2013

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