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Application of chicken microsatellite markers to molecular monitoring of the experimental population of Japanese quail ( Coturnix japonica )

Joanna GruszczyƄska
Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Animal Sciences, Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Ciszewskiego 8, 02-786 Warszawa, Poland
Abstract :
Chromosome homology is highly conserved between chicken (
Gallus gallus
) and Japanese quail
Coturnix japonica
) and a few chromosome rearrangements occurred in the evolution of these
two species. Microsatellite markers are invaluable tools in molecular biology for genome analysis,
mapping, search for quantitative trait loci, and phylogenetic studies. In the current study, 25
microsatellite sequences for molecular analysis of 98 Japanese quail (49 of each sex) were used
including 11 chicken microsatellite markers which had been analysed by other authors in chicken
genome research. Eighty-two percent (9/11) of chicken primer pairs amplified individual
loci in
Japanese quail and together with the remaining primers were polymorphic. The H
and PIC values
indicated that the most (14/23) of the selected microsatellite sequences are useful as genetic markers.
The study contributed to a better understanding of the Japanese quail genome, and the successful
cross-species amplification led to identification of polymorphic markers that will be indispensable
for identifying homologous regions on chromosomes.
Keywords :
genetic diversity / Japanese quail / microsatellite markers

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Volume 31, Number 1, - 2013

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