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Effect of sex-sorted sperm on development and quality of in vitro -produced bovine embryos derived from ovum pick up oocytes

A. Cebrian-Serrano
Centro de Tecnología Animal, Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias, Apdo. 187, Pol. La Esperanza no. 100, 12400, Segorbe, Spain 2 Biotalentum Ltd., Aulich Lajos u. 26, H-2100, Gödöllő, Hungary
Abstract :
A combination of sex-sorted sperm and ovum pick up (OPU)
-in vitro
fertilization (IVF) techniques
could improve the overall efficiency of the process and develop the commercial opportunities for sex-
sorted sperm. Despite intrinsic differences which have been found between bovine oocytes collected
post-mortem from slaughterhouse ovaries and those collected by OPU, only a few studies about IVF
with sex-sorted sperm have used oocytes collected by OPU. In addition, to our knowledge, the effect
of sex-sorted sperm on embryo development and quality using OPU-oocytes have been studied in
Bubalus bubalis
and in
Bos indicus,
but not in
Bos taurus
, therefore we aim to address this
issue in this study. Oocytes were retrieved by OPU from mature dry cows and
in vitro
fertilization was performed with sex-sorted or unsorted sperm, and afterwards presumptive
zygotes were
in vitro
cultured for 9 days. Oocytes fertilized with sex-sorted sperm showed a lower
cleavage rate (52.43
. 69.09%, respectively; P<0.05) but similar blastocyst rate compared to
oocytes fertilized by unsorted sperm (29.63
. 31.58%, respectively). Moreover, the percentages of
excellent or good blastocyst (87.50
85.71%) as well as the timing of the blastocyst formation at
day 7 (10.53
5.56%) and day 8 (30.26
. 24.07%) post IVF was not different between sex-sorted
and unsorted groups. In conclusion, sex-sorted sperm and OPU-IVF are efficient and valuable tools
to produce bovine embryos of predetermined sex and from individual donors.
Keywords :
cattle / embryo quality / embryo development / IVF / ovum pick up / sex-sorted sperm

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Volume 31, Number 2, - 2013

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