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Reduction of body fatness and meat fat content in lambs by supplementing their diet with isomerised grapeseed oil

Robert Bodkowski
Institute of Animal Breeding, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Chełmońskiego 38C, 51-630 Wrocław, Poland
Abstract :
Investigated was the effect of isomerised grapeseed oil supplementation on carcass composition
and body fat in lambs and fat content of their meat. Grapeseed oil alkaline isomerisation and
crystallisation with urea resulted in synthesis of conjugated dienes amounting to linoleic acid (CLA)
77.6% FFA. The enrichment of fattening lambs ́ rations with the additive at 18 g/animal/day did
not influence body weight gain, carcass weight and
Longissimus dorsi
parameters (weight, width,
depth). However, it reduced body fatness by 19 to 25%, and decreased the fat content of muscle
tissue by 17 to 22 percentage points.
Keywords :
body fat / carcass composition / dietary CLA / lambs / meat fat

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Volume 31, Number 3, - 2013

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