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The effect of amaranth seed added to the standard diet upon selected meat quality traits in the quail

Małgorzata Jakubowska
Institute of Food Commodity Sciences, Department of Biotechnology and Animal Breeding , West Pomeranian University of Technology, Doktora Judyma 24, 70-466 Szczecin, Poland
Abstract :
The study was conducted on 36 female Pharaoh quails (3 groups, 12 birds per group). The experiment
covered the 7th to the 20th weeks of birds’ lives. The control group (I) received standard feed
formulated for adult quails. Groups II and III received standard feed with 4% and 7% of amaranth
seeds, respectively. All feeds were isoproteinous and isocaloric. At the age of weeks 20, 12 females
were randomly selected from each group and slaughtered. In the isolated breast and leg muscles
water-holding capacity, thermal drip, colour, basic chemical composition, fatty acids profile were
determined and sensory evaluation performed. Amaranth seed supplementation showed no effect
on the basic chemical composition of breast and legs muscles and fatty acids profile. Deterioration in
the flavor of cooked quail breast muscle was observed with the higher dosage of the seeds in the diet.
Improved muscle tenderness was observed in birds receiving 4% of amaranth seeds in the diet.
Keywords :
amaranth seeds / fatty acid profile / meat quality / quail

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Volume 31, Number 4, - 2013

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