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Effect of dietary linseed and rapeseed supplementation on fatty acids profiles in the ostriches. Part 2. Fat

Ewa Poławska
Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Jastrzębiec, 05-552 Magdalenka, Poland
Abstract :
The aim of the study was to determine the effect of linseed and rapeseed dietary supplementation
on the fatty acids profiles of two ostrich fat depots: breast and subcutaneous (above the leg). The
study was carried out on 40 ostriches raised in five groups
control (C) or with 4% (L4) or 8%
(L8) linseed, or 5% (R5) or 10% (R10) rapeseed in the diet, from hatching to 12 months of age. Fat
samples of breast (BF) and leg fat (LF) were taken for fatty acids analysis. Generally ostrich fat has
high contents of PUFA (BF
23.9, LF
20.2 g/100 g FAME), especially linoleic acid (BF
16.4, LF
12.5 g/100 g FAME) and linolenic acid (BF
5.7 and LF
6.2 g/100 g FAME). Ostrich BF had a
higher content of n-6 FA and total PUFA and lower n-3 FA than the LF. Both fat depots had desired
PUFA/SFA ratios above 0.4, but not desirable n-6/n-3 ratios. BF had significantly higher (0.69)
PUFA/SFA ratio than LF (0.55). Both L4 and L8 caused higher total PUFA content (27.8
25.6 g/100 g
FAME, respectively) and higher PUFA/SFA ratios (0.74, 0.75, respectively) and lower n-6/n-3 ratios
(1.5, 1.8, respectively) compared to C. The rapeseed supplementation decreased the LA content in
ostrich fats (R5- 14.1, R10-13.4g/100g FAME), causing a lower n-6/n-3 (4.1, 4.6, respectively) ratio
compared to C (6.1). The supplementation of ostrich diets with linseed improved the nutritional
value of ostrich fat by increasing the n-3 FA, total PUFA content and PUFA/SFA ratio. Although
the leg fat had a lower PUFA content, both depots of ostrich fats can be recommended as valuable
ingredients for value-added meat products fit for human consumption.
Keywords :
at / fatty acids / oilseed / ostrich

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Volume 31, Number 4, - 2013

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