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Ascorbic acid or pyruvate counteracts peroxidative damage in boar sperm cryopreserved with or without α-tocopherol

Elizabeth Breininger
Química Biológica. Instituto de Investigación y Tecnología en Reproducción Animal, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Chorroarín 280. C1427CWO Buenos Aires, Argentina
Abstract :
Ejaculates of four crossbred boars were frozen with or without 200 μg/mL of α-tocopherol. Frozen
samples were then thawed in the extender containing either ascorbic acid (2.5, 5 or 10 mM) or
pyruvate (1 or 5 mM) to obtain the samples in which sperm quality parameters and lipid peroxidation
level were evaluated. Ascorbic acid decreased lipid peroxidation in a dose-dependent manner and
increased post-thaw sperm motility. The addition of pyruvate decreased lipid peroxidation level
without improving sperm quality parameters. Although the addition of ascorbic acid or pyruvate
did not show a synergic effect with α-tocopherol, the decrease of lipid peroxidation observed when
the antioxidants were added to the thawing extender could be indicating a protective effect on
the sperm plasma membrane from peroxidative damage. Since α-tocopherol protects from the
lipid peroxidation and improves the sperm motility, it would be considered as the recommended
antioxidant to use in boar sperm cryopreservation to extend the time of storage for the use in
commercial applications.
Keywords :
α-tocopherol / ascorbic acid / boar / lipid peroxidation / pyruvate / sperm

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Volume 32, Number 1, - 2014

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