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Identification and characterization of SNP in 5’UTR of MLPH gene for goats with different coat colours

Lanhui Li
College of Animal Science and Technology, Agricultural University of Hebei, Baoding, 071000, China
Abstract :
Melanophilin (
) gene has been characterized as one of the candidate genes for coat colour
dilution in human, mice and dog, but little is known about it in goat. Part of the 5’UTR (650bp,
JQ743911) was sequenced leading to identify four polymorphic
. The genetic diversity was analysed in 120 individuals of four breeds of goat.
The possible transcription factors in the four
were mined by online tools. The results show that
the four
were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (
>0.05) and there was a significant difference
in gene sequence between Jining Grey (JN) and Leizhou Black (LZ) breeds (
< 0.05). JN has the
highest allele frequency of A, A, G and insertion CTC at the four
; and LZ has the highest allele
frequency of G, G, T and deletion CTC. JN has the lowest effective allele number and the lowest
value of Shannon I at the four polymorphic
. LZ has the highest effective allele number and the
highest Shannon I at the four polymorphic
. Moreover, JN has the highest Fst and Gst (0.08
and 0.12, respectively) and the lowest Nm (2.80) compared to LZ.
In silico
analysis showed that the
possible transcription factors having a potential binding site in the sequence consisting of A, A and
G and insertion CTC in the four polymorphic
of 5’UTR of
gene were BRN2, CCAT,
P, STAT and USF. The sequence consisting of G, G, T and deletion CTC in the 5’UTR region of
formed the possible binding sites of MyoD, c-Myb, v-Myb, AP-1, USF and NKX25. It could
be concluded that JN has different gene sequence in the four mutation sites of 5’UTR of
compared to LZ and the mutation caused the variation of possible transcription factors that may
play a role in the
expression regulation; so JN has dilute, ashen and grey coat colours
and LZ is of solid black colour.
Keywords :
oat colour/ genetic diversity/ goat breeds / MLPH gene / transcription factor

Date Deposited : 02 Apr 2015 10:32

Last Modified : 02 Apr 2015 10:32

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Volume 32, Number 1, - 2014

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