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Effect of dietary mixture of Aspergillus probiotic and selenium nano-particles on growth, nutrient digestibilities, selected blood parameters and muscle fatty acid profile in broiler chickens

Ahmed A. Saleh
Department of Poultry Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Kafrelsheikh University, 333516 Kafr El-Sheikh, Egypt
Abstract :
Forty five chickens (15 days old) were assigned to three groups: (1) control group fed a basal diet;
group (2) fed the basal diet supplemented with 0.05%
Aspergillus awamori
and group (3) fed mixture
A. awamori
0.05% + selenium nano-particles 0.3%. Chickens were allowed free access to feed and
raised for 12 days. Body weight gain and breast muscle weight increased in group 2 and 3 when
compared to the control. Plasma 3-methylhistidine concentration occurred lower in group 2 and 3
Plasma triglyceride and total cholesterol were decreased by feeding
A. awamori
and the combination
A. awamori
with selenium nano-particles. Fat content of the breast muscle increased accompanied
by decrease of saturated fatty acids (SFA
) and increase of unsaturated fatty acids (UFA
). Moreover,
decreased muscle TBARS and increased α-tocopherol contents in the breast muscle was observed
in both experimental groups. The mRNAs of FAS, GPX and delta-6 desaturase were increased by
A. awamori
and the combination of
A. awamori
with selenium nano-particles. In conclusion,
it is suggested that feeding
A. awamori
alone or its combination with selenium nano-particles may
improve growth performance, modify the skeletal muscle fatty acid profile and α-tocopherol content,
suggesting that they may improve meat quality.
Keywords :
Aspergillus / broilers / chicks / fatty acids / probiotics

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Volume 32, Number 1, - 2014

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