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Quality indicators of broiler breast meat in relation to colourq

Gordana Kralik
Faculty of Agriculture in Osijek, J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek, Kralja Petra Svacica 1d, HR-31 000 Osijek, Croatia
Abstract :
The aim of the study was to investigate the relationship between colour, final pH and drip loss
and to determine the incidence of PSE and DFD meat in Cobb 500 and Hubbard Classic broiler
chickens. The carcass weight, breast meat weight and its share (%) of broiler carcass, pH
, breast
meat colour (CIE-L*a*b*) and drip loss (%) were measured. On the basis of paleness (L*) breast
meat was classified into DFD (L*<44), “normal” (L*=44-53) and PSE (L*>53). Seventy five per
cent of breast meat from Cobb 500 and seventy from Hubbard Classic were classified as “normal”.
Breast meat classified as PSE had higher L*, lower pH
and higher drip loss (%) that than of normal
characteristics. The opposite was found for DFD meat. Negative correlation between CIE-L and pH
and positive correlations between L* and b* values as well as between L* and drip loss (%) in both
hybrid lines were determined.
Keywords :
chicken / DFD / meat quality / PSE

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Volume 32, Number 2, - 2014

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