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Buffalo genome research - a review

Muhammad Moaeen-ud-Din
Laboratories of Animal Breeding & Genetics, Faculty of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi (46300), Pakistan
Abstract :
Buffalo (
Bubalus bubalis
Bubalus carabanesis
) are important animals in livestock and
agricultural economy of many countries, providing milk, meat and hides along with draught power.
But, despite of immense advantages buffalo is a
heavily neglected animal. The real potential of
buffalo has never been realized and challenges such as reduced reproductive efficiency still needed
to be addressed. At the onset of genomic era, after sequencing of entire cattle genome and recently
sequencing of buffalo genome
there is a start of new chapter of buffalo research. This review is
focused to highlight the recent advances in genome science of buffalo with respect to cytogenetic
studies, whole genome mapping and application of next generation sequencing. These resources of
genome science can be applied to provide knowledge and technologies to enhance the production
potential to the optimum level, improve reproduction efficiency and increase disease resistance in
buffalo. Buffalo and domestic cattle belong to same family and are closely related on phylogenetic
tree. Therefore, available cattle genetic and genomic resources can be used as shortcuts by researchers
to explore genome of buffalo and apply biotechnology tools for buffalo improvement.
Keywords :
buffalo / cytogenetics / genome mapping / genome sequencing

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Volume 32, Number 3, - 2014

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