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Eighteen-carbon fatty acids in milk fat of Czech Fleckvieh and Holstein cows following feeding with fresh lucerne ( Medicago sativa L.)

Eva Samková
Faculty of Agriculture, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, Studentská 13, 370 05 České Budějovice, Czech Republic
Abstract :
Changes in selected FAs level as influenced by inclusion of fresh lucerne (
Medicago sativa
L.) into
a feeding ration were assesed in Czech Fleckvieh (dual purpose) and Holstein cows. Each of the
balanced groups of 12 cows in mid-lactation was fed with a ration containing 12.7 kg (11.7% of dry
matter) of
fresh lucerne and then with a ration with preserved forage (maize and grass silages) only.
Total content of nutritionally desirable C18 acids was 34.1 and 30.5% of total fatty acids in Czech
Fleckvieh and Holstein cows, respectively (P=0.0693). The response of the breeds on the change
in feeding differed. The changes in fatty acid composition in the Czech Fleckvieh cows were less
extensive in stearic and oleic acids, while more extensive in essential linoleic and linolenic acids
than those in the Holstein cows. Addition of lucerne into ration in both breeds has caused greatest
changes in polyunsaturated fatty acids (P<0.01), particularly alpha-linolenic acid (P<0.001).
Keywords :
reed / cows / fatty acids / feeding / lucerne / milk fat

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Volume 32, Number 3, - 2014

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