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Fatty acids profile of muscles and abdominal fat in geese of Polish native varieties

Gabriela Haraf
Department of Animal Food Technology, Wroclaw University of Economics, Komandorska 118/120, 53-345 Wroclaw, Poland
Abstract :
The objective of the research was to determine and compare the cholesterol content and fatty acid
(FA) profile of muscles and abdominal fat of 17 week-old geese of Polish, native breeds – Kartuska
(KA, n=18) and Lubelska (LU, n=18) maintained at the Research Station of Waterfowl Genetic
Resources in Dworzyska, belonging to the National Research Institute of Animal Production
in Cracow. The geese were fed
ad libitum
during the experimental period on the same complete
feed. Genotype affected the fatty acids profile as well as fat and cholesterol content of muscles and
abdominal fat. The type of muscle (breast or thigh) also influenced the investigated parameters.
Lipids of KA muscles were characterized by more favourable level of n-6/n-3 ratio than LU ones.
Breast muscles compared to thigh muscles were lower in total fat and monounsaturated FA while
higher in cholesterol, saturated and polyunsaturated n-3 fatty acids. The KA geese abdominal fat
showed lower percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids but had more favourable value of n-6/n-3
ratio than the LU ones. Cholesterol content in the KA geese abdominal fat was lower than in LU
ones. Overall, the nutritional value of KA muscles lipids and fat tissues were higher in comparison
to the LU geese.
Keywords :
bdominal fat / cholesterol / fat / fatty acids / geese meat

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Volume 32, Number 3, - 2014

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