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The effect of dietary protein level on selected degradative enzymes activity of hepatocyte cellular subfractions in experimental mice

Bożena Witek
epatocytes / lysosomal enzymes / mice / protein diet
Abstract :
Studied was the activity of selected degradative enzymes of lysosomal, microsomal and cytoplasmic
fraction of hepatocytes as affected by different protein levels in the diet of experimental mice. The
control animals were fed with standard 16% protein level in the diet, while experimental animals
with low (10%) or high (40%) protein diet. The animals were fed
ad libitum
. Changes in fractions
depended on the kind of enzyme, cell fraction and protein level in examined diets. The high protein
diet increased activity of six enzymes in the lysosomal fraction and decreased activity of β-Gal only,
while the low protein diet caused an increase of activity of this fraction of seven enzymes. The
40% protein diet decreased the activity of nine enzymes in the microsomal fraction, the AcP did
not change only. The 10% protein diet in this fraction decreased the activity of seven enzymes and
increased activity of two enzymes. In the cytoplasmic fraction, the high protein diet decreased the
activity of eight enzymes. Higher activity was observed only for AcP. The low protein diet caused a
decrease in seven enzymes activity, and an increase of β-GlcUr activity only. The change of normal
standard protein diet in animal feeding on its high or low-protein level occurred to be a significant

factor disordering the biochemical homeostasis of the cell

Keywords :
epatocytes / lysosomal enzymes / mice / protein diet

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Volume 32, Number 3, - 2014

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