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The effect of selenium supplementation to the diet of dairy cows and goats on production traits and animal health A review

Józef Krzyżewsk , Emilia Bagnicka, Jarosław Olav HorbaNczuk
Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Polish Academy of Sciences, Jastrzębiec, 05-552 Magdalenka, Poland
Abstract :
The results of studies conducted so far in the field of supplementing Se deficiency in cow and goat
diets demonstrate unequivocally the positive influence of supplements used on the improvement of
the health status of animals and an important increase in the concentration of this microelement in
the obtained milk. The positive influence on health is reflected in the increased antioxidative status
and immunological potential of these animals, in the reduced risk of mastitis, in the improvement
of reproductive rate and increased Se transfer to cow foetus. The best results are obtained when the
diet is supplemented with selenium yeast. The improvement in animal Se supply also has a positive
influence on the increase of antioxidative properties of milk and meat. Further research in the field
is necessary, connected among others with determining the relationship between the concentration
of Se and antagonistic elements as well as vitamin E.
Keywords :
dairy cows / dairy goats / selenium yeast / selenium selenite / milk and blood / selenium / health status

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Volume 32, Number 4, - 2014

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