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The effect of organic vs . conventional rearing system on performance, carcass traits and meat quality of fast and slow growing rabbits

Gisella Paci 1 **, Antonella Dalle Zotte
Department of Veterinary Sciences, University of Pisa, Viale delle Piagge 2, 56124 Pisa, Italy
Abstract :
The effect of different housing systems was evaluated on productive performances and carcass
and meat quality of a “local grey” population of rabbits (G). To compare data obtained from G,
commercial hybrid rabbits (H) were reared and fed under standard practice. Rabbits were reared
as follows: 96 G in outdoor colony cages (O) and fed organic feed based on pelleted feed (oP) and
alfalfa hay (H) - group GOoPH; 80 G in conventional indoor colony cages (I) and fed the same
organic diet (GoPH) - group GIoPH; 96 G in I and fed conventional pelleted diet (cP) - group GIcP;
88 H in I and fed conventional pelleted diet (cP) - group HIcP. Fifteen rabbits of each group were
slaughtered at live weight of 2500 g (100 days of age for G and 87 days of age for H), carcass and
meat quality parameters were assessed. HIcP showed the highest average daily gain (33.5 g/day;
P<0.05) and GOoPH the poorest total feed conversion (5.6; P<0.05). G showed the highest slaughter
yield (P<0.05). GOoPH showed higher loin proportion and the lowest LL pH at 45 min
post mortem
(P<0.05). HIcP produced LL and BF meat with the less intense colour and rich in ash. LL meat of
GOoPH was the richest in protein. GOoPH and GIoPH LL meat showed higher amount of C14:0
and 18:1 n-9. GOoPH showed the lowest value of 18:2 n-6, and HIcP showed the highest value of
20:4 n-6 and the lowest amount of 16:1 n-7. The G yielded meat with higher nutritive value, and the
best results were obtained when animals received both pellets and hay and were reared outdoor.
Keywords :
fatty acid / hybrid / local population / meat quality / organic production / rabbit

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Volume 32, Number 4, - 2014

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