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Influence of hygrothermal conditions on milk production in a free stall barn during hot weather

Piotr Herbut 1 , Wacław Bieda 1 , Sabina Angrecka
Department of Rural Building, University of Agriculture, Al. Mickiewicza 24-28, 30-059 Cracow, Poland
Abstract :
Presented are results of a study on the influence of air temperature and humidity on milk production
by 174 Holstein-Friesian cows kept in a free stall barn. Occurrence of heat stress in three technological
groups of cows with help of temperature-humidity index (THI) was specified. The result of heat
stress was a decrease in milk yield. There was a strong correlation found (P=0.05) between minimum
THI, temperature and milk yield. Delay of decrease in milk production as related to maximum
temperature (T
) in most cases was 2 days (P=0.05). Significant differences were shown between
THI average hourly values (from 1 to 6 units) in particular areas of the barn when the average
daily THI >68. Duration of total air temperature exceed 21°C in each technological group was
investigated. It was concluded that the number of hours above the critical temperature for the cows
in group 1 was 90 and 42-44 for the remaining groups, which resulted in the largest decrease in milk
yield in group 1. The obtained results indicate the need to evaluate the microclimate parameters in
several specific places related to the existence in the barn technological groups. Predicting the risk of
heat stress should take into account the zoning in the barns related to variations of temperature and
humidity conditions. This will enable the selection of appropriate functional, utility and technical
solutions to maintain optimum welfare of cows in free stall barn.
Keywords :
air humidity / air temperature / cows / hot weather / milk production / temperature-humidity index

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Volume 33, Number 1, - 2015

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