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Ryan Clow
Ryan Clow
Abstract :

There is a protracted global war being fought. Like it or not, we are in it. It is not a war between the West and Islam; however, it is a war between Western nations and terrorists. While practically different from past wars in the way it is fought, philosophically, this war is no different. It is a war of ideology; both sides believing themselves justified.

Remarkably, some in the West feel comfortable in contemplating half measures in the war against terrorism. In an interview with The Telegraph (14 November 2010), the British Chief of Defence, General Sir David Richards, discussed containment of terrorism, rather than victory, as a ‘best-case’ scenario. This stance is generous, considering the chorus of observers who now openly bemoan a perceived or imminent loss in the war in Afghanistan. And yet, these views seem to reflect a broader willingness to essentially consider the most palatable form of defeat rather than to endure the requirements of victory.

Containment sounds like another failed attempt to avoid a decisive engagement, namely, appeasement. Non-compromised victory should be the only resolution we in the West seek in the war against terrorism. While victory in this war may end up looking different than past wars, the outcome must be the same. One side has to ultimately submit, and one side will ultimately submit.

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Volume 12, Number 1, - 2012

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