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Canadian Military Journal

The Report on Transformation 2011

Martin Shadwick
Martin Shadwick
Abstract :

The report of the transformation team headed by Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie, established in 2010 with “the explicit goal” to “identify areas where we could reduce overhead and improve efficiency and effectiveness [so as] to allow reinvestment from within for future operational capability despite constrained resources,” was released - most regrettably without its supporting annexes - in September 2011. The report, which quite correctly pointed out that defence spending cutbacks almost universally tend to focus upon the frontline while preserving headquarters staffs - thereby confirming that bureaucrats have more finely honed survival skills than warriors - offered up some disturbing findings and thought-provoking recommendations, but just as quickly found itself embroiled in controversy.

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The Report on Transformation 2011

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Volume 12, Number 1, - 2012

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