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The Nuremberg SS-Einsatzgruppen Trial, 1945-1958: Atrocity, Law, and History

Hilary Earl
ambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2009 xv + 336 pages, $91.95 (hardcover), $28.95 (trade paperback) ISBN 978-0-521-45608-1 (hardcover) ISBN 978-0-521-17868-6 (trade paperback)
Abstract :

In 1941 and 1942 in the occupied Soviet Union, Germany’s notorious Einsatzgruppen (‘task groups’ or ‘task forces’), paramilitary units of the SS and police, were responsible for the killing of an estimated one million people, consisting of the mentally and physically disabled, Communist functionaries, Gypsies, and especially Jews. Employing, in the main, open-air shootings and carbon monoxide gas vans, by 1943, their activities had been largely superseded by the extermination camps, although at least one sub-unit still existed on paper into 1945. By 1947, the American occupation authorities had decided to prosecute 24 leaders of the Einsatzgruppen and their various sub-units as part of the Subsequent Nuremberg Proceedings, in what came to be known informally as the Einsatzgruppen case. Given its character as the only Nuremberg process that dealt exclusively with the Final Solution to the Jewish Question, it is somewhat surprising that no book-length study of this important trial had been published prior to 2009. In that year, however, Canada’s own Hilary Earl of Nipissing University made good this lacuna with a book whose reception can perhaps best be judged by the fact that it has already been reprinted twice—a fate that does not often befall a scholarly monograph.

Keywords :
The Nuremberg SS-Einsatzgruppen Trial, 1945-1958: Atrocity, Law, and History

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