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Army Futures

Lieutenant-General Peter Devlin
Lieutenant-General Peter Devlin
Abstract :

Canada has a great army – one steeled in combat and possessing a special warrior ethos.  The ranks are filled with highly motivated,confident and well trained soldiers and leaders who make me fiercely proud of their skill, strength, and devotion. Tomorrow will be different, and it is these differences that demand study so that the army is prepared to exploit opportunity and is poised for the future. The issues that concern me are: our transition from Afghanistan in 2011; the Family of Land Combat Systems (FLCS); anticipated resource challenges; and, the continued and necessary movement towards increased ‘jointness.’ I believe that a process of reorientation and development is required that will lead to a powerful 2021 Army of Tomorrow, consistent with Canadian Forces CF 2020. The building of a combat effective force for the asymmetric threats and non-contiguous battle space of future will require an amended approach to training and our managed Readiness Plan (MRP); structural adjustments, based upon some guiding principles; and, a rebalance between the field force and the Institutional Army,1 coupled with a reinvestment in Combat Service Support to ensure sustainability.

The army will continue to be an infantry-based, medium-weight force, capable of full-spectrum operations, which exploits the concepts and culture of the combined arms team. The priority will remain force generation and support to deployed operations. However, as the July 2011 transition from Afghanistan approaches, we will take this opportunity to consolidate what has been gained by almost a decade of combat experience, and shift our attention to the recovery of our soldiers and equipment, the re-set of our fleets, and the integration of new capabilities.

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Army Futures

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Volume 11, Number 1, - 2011

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