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Deep Leadership Essential Insights from High-Risk Environments

Joe MacInnis
Joe MacInnis
Abstract :

Dr. Joe MacInnis has written a powerful, inspiring book on leadership which, unlike many tomes on the subject, is eminently readable, even exciting. Dr. MacInnis is a Canadian, a physician, scientist, author, and motivational speaker who led the first science dives at the North Pole and built the world’s first polar undersea station. He was among the first to dive to the Titanic, and has worked with the US Navy, the Canadian Government, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and NASA. He has given keynote presentations on leadership to IBM, Microsoft, GE, National Geographic and the US Naval Academy. The author of ten books, his research has earned him six honorary degrees and the Order of Canada.

Deep Leadership has already received many accolades but two will suffice here to reinforce the message intended in this review. Lieutenant-General Hal Moore (USA ret’d), author of We Were Soldiers Once… And Young, describes it as part biography, part instruction manual; it is a unique introduction to a vital subject. A must read book. Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon, a professor at the University of Toronto and author of The Upside of Down, tells us that his stories will give you goose bumps – and lessons in leadership you will never forget.

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Deep Leadership Essential Insights from High-Risk Environments

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Volume 13, Number 1, - 2013

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