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Journal Writing with Peer Feedback: A Friend or A Foe for EFL Learners

Thanyapa Chiramanee, Watcharee Kulprasit
Assoc. Prof. Dr., Department of Languages and Linguistics, Faculty of Liberal Arts Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai Campus, Songkla, Thailand E-mail:
Abstract :

A number of writing techniques have been employed in teaching writing in both ESL and EFL writing classrooms in order to improve students’ writing ability as well as to promote their positive attitudes toward writing skill. Journal writing with peer feedback was presented as one of those in the present study. After the use of this writing technique for 8 weeks, the responses to the questionnaire on the attitudes of 42 Mathayom Suksa 3 (Grade 9) Semi-English Program students at a secondary school in the south of Thailand were quantitatively analyzed. Apart from the increase of the students’ writing ability, the findings revealed that the students had positive attitudes toward both journal writing and peer feedback. This pedagogically spotlights a great start to employ this writing technique to cultivate collaborative learning and student-centred learning in the EFL context, particularly in the Asian academic writing setting.

Keywords :
ournal writing with peer feedback, attitudes, collaborative learning, student-centred learning

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Volume 2, Number 2, - 2014 , ISSN 2325-0887

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