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International Journal of English Language Education

Comprehension Levels of Reading Exercises in Look Ahead English Coursebooks

Ria Elfrida Shinta Rouli Sirait
Student of Graduate School of English Education Department Widya Mandala Catholic University, Indonesia E-mail:
Abstract :

Reading comprehension exercises are important to be presented following a reading text in a course book to help students develop their competences in comprehending the text. In addition, considering the psychological factor of the students, English syllabus of reading in KTSP suggests senior high school students to be able to comprehend the reading text critically. This study evaluated the comprehension levels of exercises in Look Ahead 1, 2 and 3. Evaluated using Anderson and Krathwol’s Reading Comprehension Taxonomy, the lower-order thinking levels of the reading taxonomy which were Remembering, Understanding, and Application taxonomies dominated the exercises in Look Ahead coursebooks. While there were only low numbers of the higher-order thinking exercises which included Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating presented in the course books.

Keywords :
comprehension level, exercise.

Date Deposited : 09 Apr 2015 12:25

Last Modified : 09 Apr 2015 12:25

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Volume 2, Number 2, - 2014 , ISSN 2325-0887

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