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Phylogenetic Analysis of Native Chicken from Bangladesh and Neighboring Asian Countries Based on Complete Sequence of Mitochondrial DNA D-loop Region

Mohammed A. Islam, Masahide Nishibori
Department of Bioresource Science, Graduate School of Biosphere Science, Hiroshima University, Higashi-Hiroshima 7398528, Japan
Abstract :

The complete mitochondrial D-loop region was sequenced for a total of 18 individuals of Bangladeshi native chickens (BNC); full feathered (nana) (n=7), naked neck (Nana) (n=8) and Red junglefowl (RJF) (n=3). The alignment of mitochondrial D-loop sequence of these chicken populations with 39 reference sequences from DNA databank; White Leghorn, G. g. murghi, G. g. bankiva, G. g. spadiceus, G. g. gallus and other Asiatic chickens was done to identify the phylogenetic position of BNC for the conservation and improvement of chicken genetic resource. The nucleotide variation of sequence among haplotypes for within and between populations of BNC supported the phenotypic variation of individual of the populations. Phylogenetic analysis showed that 57 individuals were grouped into 6 clades. Of the BNC populations, 6 nana, 7 Nana and 2 RJF individuals (83.3%) were closely related with each other and only 1 nana and 1 Nana (11%), and 1 RJF (5.5%) individuals were divergent from them. Therefore, the phylogenetic tree showed low genetic distance and close relationship within and between the chicken populations of Bangladesh, which were closely related with G. g. murghi of Indian origin, and also related with G. g. bankiva, G. g. gallus implying the origin of gene flow to Bangladesh. The genetic information from this study may serve as an initial step to make future plans to assess more molecular information on genetic diversity for the characterization, conservation and improvement of valuable chicken genetic resource of Bangladesh.

Keywords :
Asian country, Bangladesh, mtDNA, native chicken, phylogenetic position

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Volume 49, Number 4, - 2012 , ISSN 1346-7395

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