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Genetic Variation in the Growth Hormone Promoter Region of Anas platyrhynchos, a Duck Native to Myanmar

Gen Hiyama, Hisato Okabayashi, Norio Kansaku, Kazuaki Tanaka
Abstract :

Genetic variations were detected in duck growth hormone (GH) gene promoters at 8 positions in the genome of ducks from 3 regions (Mandalay, Khayan, and Sittwe) in Myanmar. Different frequencies were detected in the 3 regions. Higher frequencies were detected at positions, 244, 294, 586, and 665 of the GH promoter from both Mandalay and Khayan than in the ducks from Sittwe. The duck populations of Mandalay and Khayan have been partially selected for egg production by introducing a layer strain of Thailand native ducks, whereas that of Sittwe has been maintained without introduction of any other strain. The differences in the frequency of variations reflect that the breeding method in each region is unique. Since most of the variations were located in sequences similar to the promoters found in chickens and turkeys, variations in the promoter may affect laying performance by changing the expression of GH mRNA levels in the anterior pituitary gland.

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Volume 49, Number 4, - 2012 , ISSN 1346-7395

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