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Re-evaluation of Arginine Requirements for Broilers Exposed to Hypobaric Condition during the 3-to 6-week Period

Hamid Basoo, Fariborz Khajali, Ebrahim Asadi Khoshoui, Mehrab Faraji, Robert F. Wideman
Abstract :

In order to estimate arginine (Arg) requirements of male broilers (Ross 308) during the 21-to 42-day period and exposed to hypobaric condition, six diets (200 g/kg CP and 13.4 MJ ME/kg) with graded levels of Arg (8.8 to 14.3 g/kg) were allocated to four pens of twelve birds each. Body weight gain, feed:gain, breast meat yield, plasma nitric oxide (NO) concentration, and right to total ventricular weight ratio (RV/TV) were determined as response criteria. Responses to Arg supply were nonlinear and attained plateau values (ymax) within the studied range of Arg supply. The estimated Arg requirements for maximal body weight gain and optimal feed:gain during the 21 days under study were 12.4, and 12.2 g/kg of diet, respectively. The estimated Arg requirement for maximizing breast meat yield was 12.6 g/kg of diet. Based on the response in plasma NO and RV/TV, the estimated requirements were 13.0, and 13.2 g/kg of diet, respectively. Data obtained for the individual factors clearly indicate that the NRC recommendations for Arg are not sufficient for maximizing body weight gain, optimizing feed:gain and preventing the onset of pulmonary hypertension in broiler chickens exposed to hypobaric condition. Data may be used for future modeling of broilers’ Arg requirements.

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Volume 49, Number 4, - 2012 , ISSN 1346-7395

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