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Cities in the 21st Century

Triumph Against the Growth Machine Examining the Case of the Northeast Minneapolis HHW Facility

Peter Truax
Macalester College
Abstract :

Northeast Minneapolis in the winter time is as bleak a scene as any that Dickens ever penned. Standing on the street there, in the cold and the gray half-light, one sees boarded up warehouses and gutted buildings. Above, a dim sodium lamp burns yellow, not so much illuminating the street as differentiating between dark shadows and darker shadows. In the distance is the smokestack of a smelter, billowing out a toxic black. The snow falls like ash and one wonders how and why the city wound up in this grim state. This is a city of the 20th century with which the 21st does not know what to do.

Keywords :
Truax Triumph against the machine

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Volume 2, Number 1, September 2012

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