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Animal Bioresource in Japan

.: Home > Animal Bioresource in Japan > 2010 > Volume 59 Number 1 > Takao SASADO1), Minoru TANAKA2), Kayo KOBAYASHI2), Tadashi SATO3), Mitsuru SAKAIZUMI3) and Kiyoshi NARUSE1)

The National BioResource Project Medaka (NBRP Medaka): An Integrated Bioresource for Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Takao SASADO1), Minoru TANAKA2), Kayo KOBAYASHI2), Tadashi SATO3), Mitsuru SAKAIZUMI3) and Kiyoshi NARUSE1)
1) Laboratory of Bioresources, National Institute for Basic Biology 2) Laboratory of Molecular Genetics for Reproduction, National Institute for Basic Biology 3) Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Science, Niigata University
Abstract :

Medaka (Oryzias latipes) is a small freshwater teleost fish that serves as a model vertebrate organism in various fields of biology including development, genetics, toxicology and evolution. The recent completion of the medaka genome sequencing project has promoted the use of medaka as a comparative and complementary material for research on other vertebrates such as zebrafish, sticklebacks, mice, and humans. The Japanese government has supported the development of Medaka Bioresources since 2002. The second term of the Medaka Bioresource Project started in 2007. The National Institute for Basic Biology and Niigata University were selected as the core organizations for this project. More than 400 strains including more than 300 spontaneous and induced mutants, 8 inbred lines, 21 transgenic lines, 20 medaka-related species and 66 wild stock lines of medaka are now being provided to the scientific community and educational non-profit organizations. In addition to these live fish, NBRP Medaka is also able to provide cDNA/EST clones such as full-length cDNA and BAC/fosmid clones covering 90% of the medaka genome. All these resources can be found on the NBRP Medaka website (, and users can order any resource using the shopping cart system. We believe these resources will facilitate the further use of medaka and help to promote new findings for this vertebrate species.

Keywords :
cDNA/BAC/fosmid clones, inbred line, mutants, NBRP Medaka, wild stock

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Volume 59, Number 1, - 2010

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