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.: Home > Animal Bioresource in Japan > 2010 > Volume 59 Number 1 > Masaru ICHIHASHI1)2), Mina HASEGAWA1), Hiroshi IMAHIE1), Atsuyuki NISHIDA1) and Kazuyuki KITAMURA1)

Effects of Nanpao®, a Kampo Medicine, on the Decline in Estrous Cyclicity with Advancing Age in Female Rats, as Measured by Vaginal Impedance Methods

Masaru ICHIHASHI1)2), Mina HASEGAWA1), Hiroshi IMAHIE1), Atsuyuki NISHIDA1) and Kazuyuki KITAMURA1)
1) Safety Research Laboratory, Research Division, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation 2) Senri-Momoyamadai Animal Hospital, Green Animal Corporation
Abstract :

The present study was designed to evaluate the time-dependent effects of Nanpao, a kampo medicine, on age-related changes in the estrous cycle of female rats, and to investigate the utility of measuring electrical impedance in the vagina (EIV) for studying transitional changes in the estrous cycle. Rats were allocated to 3 groups: control, Nanpao 30 mg/kg/day, and 100 mg/kg/day groups. EIV measurements and cytology samples were taken for 14 days at the age of 6 months before the initial treatment. After the start of the treatment, these data were collected at about monthly intervals until the age of 10 months in the same manner. Observations at the ages of 7 (weeks 2-3 of dosing) and 8 months (weeks 6-7 of dosing) showed that loss of a regular estrous cycle in the 100 mg/kg/day group was inhibited as compared to the control group. Moreover, at the ages of 9 (weeks 11-12 of dosing) and 10 months (weeks 17-18 of dosing), these effects were identified not only in the 100 mg/kg/day group, but also in the 30 mg/kg/day group. Since vaginal cytology and EIV gave almost concordant results as indicators of estrous cyclicity, we concluded that the measurement of EIV was capable of detecting time-dependent changes in the estrous cycle as well as observations of vaginal smears. A short period of Nanpao administration inhibited loss of regular estrous cycles, and the EIV method is a worthwhile approach to a more precise study of estrous cyclicity in rats exhibiting abnormal estrous cycles.

Keywords :
estrous cycle, female rats, kampo medicine, Nanpao, vaginal impedance

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Volume 59, Number 1, - 2010

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