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Development and Characterization of a Congenic Strain Carrying Pbwg12, a Growth QTL on Mouse Chromosome 12

Akira ISHIKAWA1) and Chun LI1)
1) Laboratory of Animal Genetics, Division of Applied Genetics and Physiology, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, Nagoya University
Abstract :

In previous genome-wide QTL studies, Pbwg12 on mouse chromosome 12 was discovered in a gene pool of wild Mus musculus castaneus mice. Pbwg12 does not have a main effect but has an epistatic interaction effect on body weight after birth. In this study, we developed a congenic strain, named B6.Cg-Pbwg12, with an approximately 59-Mb wild-derived genomic region harboring Pbwg12, by recurrent backcrossing to C57BL/6J. A phenotypic comparison between B6.Cg-Pbwg12 and C57BL/6J revealed that Pbwg12 does not have any main effects on body weight at 1-10 weeks of age but has a main effect on body weight gain at 6-10 weeks. A new QTL with a male-specific effect on kidney weight was discovered within the introgressed region.

Keywords :
ongenic strain, growth QTL, mouse

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Volume 59, Number 1, - 2010

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