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Association of the LXRα gene with meat quality traits in White Muscovy ducks

Yiyu Zhang**, Wangui Li, Lanbing Pan, Jiadong Lin
Key Laboratory of Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction in the Plateau Mountainous Region, Ministry of Education, College of Animal Science, Guizhou University, South Campus, Huaxi District, Guiyang, Guizhou 550025, China
Abstract :

Liver X receptor alpha (LXRα) is a nuclear receptor that plays a crucial role in regulating the expression of genes involved in lipid metabolism. The objectives of this study were to detect polymorphism of the LXRα gene and investigate its association with meat quality traits in the White Muscovy duck (n=230). One 53 G>A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) and one 1483 T>- insertion/deletion were first identified in 5’-UTR and 3’-UTR, respectively. 53 G>A and 1483 T>- were genotyped and analyzed using the PCR-SSCP method. There were two alleles and three genotypes in each locus. Association analysis revealed that the 53 G>A genotypes were significantly associated with intramuscular fat (IMF), contents of polyunsaturated (PUFA) and unsaturated fatty acids (UFA) (P<0.05). The 1483 T>- genotypes were significantly related (P<0.05) to water holding capacity. Interactions of 53 G>A and 1483 T>- loci of the LXRα gene were significantly associated with shear force, IMF, UFA, PUFA and essential fatty acids (EFA) (P<0.05). These results suggested that the 53 G>A and 1483 T>- mutations of the LXRα gene are potential gene markers for White Muscovy meat quality. Therefore, they may be used in the marker-assisted selection (MAS) in breeding work on Muscovy ducks

Keywords :
liver X receptor alpha gene / meat quality / polymorphism / single nucleotide / White Muscovy

Date Deposited : 06 Jan 2016 10:20

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Volume 33, Number 4, September 2015 , ISSN 109-117

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