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Animal Bioresource in Japan

.: Home > Animal Bioresource in Japan > 2015 > Volume 64 Number 3 > Annarita Wirz1), Silvia Mandillo2), Francesca R. D’Amato2), Alessandro Giuliani3), and M. Cristina Riviello1,2)

Response, use and habituation to a mouse house in C57BL/6J and BALB/c mice

Annarita Wirz1), Silvia Mandillo2), Francesca R. D’Amato2), Alessandro Giuliani3), and M. Cristina Riviello1,2)
1)IRCCS Santa Lucia Foundation, Via Fosso del Fiorano 64, 00143 Rome, Italy 2)CNR (National Research Council), Institute of Cell Biology and Neurobiology, Via E. Ramarini, 32, 00015 Monterotondo scalo (Rome), Italy 3)Istituto Superiore di Sanita’, Viale Regina Elena 299, 00161 Rome, Italy
Abstract :

Animal welfare depends on the possibility to express species-specific behaviours and can be strongly compromised in socially and environmentally deprived conditions. Nesting materials and refuges are very important resources to express these behaviours and should be considered as housing supplementation items. We evaluated the effects of one item of housing supplementation in standard settings in laboratory mice. C57BL/6JOlaHsd (B6) and BALB/cOlaHsd (BALB) young male and female mice, upon arrival, were housed in groups of four in standard laboratory cages and after 10 days of acclimatization, a red transparent plastic triangular-shaped Mouse House™ was introduced into half of the home cages. Animals with or without a mouse house were observed in various contexts for more than one month. Body weight gain and food intake, home cage behaviours, emotionality and response to standard cage changing procedures were evaluated. The presence of a mouse house in the home cage did not interfere with main developmental and behavioural parameters or emotionality of BALB and B6 male and female mice compared with controls. Both strains habituated to the mouse house in about a week, but made use of it differently, with BALB mice using the house more than the B6 strain. Our results suggest that mice habituated to the mouse house rather quickly without disrupting their home cage activities. Scientists can thus be encouraged to use mouse houses, also in view of the implementation of the EU Directive (2010/63/EU).

Keywords :
animal facility, environmental enrichment, housing supplementation, inbred strains, mouse house

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Volume 64, Number 3, August 2015 , ISSN 281–293

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