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Environmental Management and Sustainable Development

Total Respect Management (TR³M): A Systemic Management Approach in Aligning Organisations towards Performance, Safety and CSR

Peter Blokland, Genserik Reniers
Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)
Abstract :

Total Respect Management (TR³M) is a systemic approach and an integrated management system to proactively reach performance, safety and CSR in organisations and teams. Being a systemic approach entails it takes the whole system into account and acts on those elements in the system that generate fundamental and sustainable change in order to achieve specific goals. When safety and corporate social responsibility are important to an organisation, associated values and their supporting beliefs need to be embedded and become deeply rooted into the organisational culture. Such a situation can only happen when the mental models present in the organisation, from top to bottom, are aligned with these values and beliefs. The reason is that these mental models will determine how systems will be structured, how they function and how they eventually produce outcomes and results. The most important instrument to influence mental models in organisations is dialogue.

Keywords :
Total respect management, Leadership, Safety, Corporate social responsibility, Risk Management, Performance management, Sustainability, Dialogue

Date Deposited : 29 Jan 2016 10:27

Last Modified : 29 Jan 2016 10:27

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Volume 4, Number 2, - 2015 , ISSN 2164-7682

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