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Obstetrical problems and stillbirth in beef cattle

Jindrich Citek**, Eva Hradecka, Vaclav Rehout, Lenka Hanusova
Department of Animal Genetics, Breeding and Nutrition, Faculty of Agriculture, South Bohemia University, Studentska 13, CZ 370 05 بeské Budىjovice, Czech Republic
Abstract :

Out of 5970 calvings, 4.29% had an abnormal course (dystocia). The occurrence of stillbirths was
6.98% of all births and 4.15% of normal course births. Stillbirths occurred in 70.31% of dystocias.
The highest frequency of stillbirths was in Blonde d´Aquitaine (8.59%) and the lowest in Gasconne
(3.96%) cows. A narrow pelvis and an oversized foetus were the causes of more than 50% cases of
dystocia. In Charolaise, an extremely high occurrence of oversized foetus, while in Blonde d´Aquitaine
uterine inertia were found. A narrow pelvis was especially frequent as the cause of dystocia in the
Aberdeen Angus and Limousine breeds. On analysis of stillbirths the most important effect was of the
calving course with 24.47% impact on variability. Difficult calving increased the odds of stillbirth by 76
compared to normal calving. The heritability of stillbirth was estimated as 7.80%. It is recommended
to restrict the use of sires with a higher incidence of dystocia or stillbirth in the offspring. As genetically
determined variability is very low, other systematic measures are necessary to control stillbirth and
dystocia. These are: supervision of the herd, obstetrical assistance, appropriate heifer rearing, mating
cows at the proper live weight and proper nutrition during the pregnancy.

Keywords :
beef cattle / calving /dystocia / heritability / stillbirth

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Volume 29, Number 2, - 2011

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