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257 Animal Science Papers and Reports vol. 33 (2015) no. 3, 257-266 Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Jastrzębiec, Poland Economic evaluation of cow-calf herds. I. Calculation methods

Monika Michaličková 1 , Zuzana Krupová 2 , Emil Krupa 2
1 NAFC – Research Institute for Animal Production Nitra, Hlohovecká 2, 951 41 Lužianky, Slovak Republic 2 Institute of Animal Science, PO Box 1, 104 01 Prague, Czech Republic
Abstract :
Methodology for a comprehensive evaluation of production and economic variables for suckler herd production in Slovakia were developed using herd records from 2008 through 2012. Majorcharacteristics of the production system were considered. Among other conclusions, the number of weaned calves as the only product of the system depended mostly on cow fertility and affected both
revenues and costs. Herds were characterized by low labour requirements and capital investments.
Feed costs were an important component in the calculation formula. Strict adherence to traditional
seasonal winter calving (mainly in January-March) was critical for the investigated cow-calf system, because it facilitates effective grazing management and thus reduces costs of feed for cows and calves during the spring season. To rationally model the suckler cow production system and to properly allocate revenues and costs, the accounting period should be based on the production year (October- September). At no time over the period under investigation was the average herd profitable, evenwhen direct subsidies were included in annual revenues. The most favourable economic outcome across years (-208 € per cow per year in 2008) was achieved primarily thanks to lower costs per feeding
day (-48%) and higher average daily gain of calves till weaning (+18%) than in the other years.
Keywords :
economics, production, methodology, suckler herds

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Volume 33, Number 3, May 2015

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