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Association of MC4R and LEPR loci with reproductive performance and milk composition of sows

Magdalena Szyndler-Nędza 1 *, Katarzyna Ropka -Molik 2
1 Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding, National Research Institute of Animal Production, Krakowska 1, 32-083 Balice, Poland 2 Laboratory of Genomics, National Research Institute of Animal Production, Krakowska 1, 32-083 Balice, Poland
Abstract :
Porcine MC4R and LEPR gene polymorphisms have been implicated in traits associated with
feed intake and carcass fatness. These genes could also indirectly regulate reproductive processes.
The objective of this study was to determine the MC4R and LEPR effects on basic components of colostrum and milk from sows on their reproductive performance. The experiment was performed on 230 sows of breeds used in the breeding program as a maternal line: Polish Large White (PLW) and Polish Landrace (PL). The animals were maintained under the same feeding and housing conditions, according to the test station procedure and they were adapted for use as lactating sows. Colostrum and milk of sows were collected at 1, 7, 14 and 21 days of lactation to assay solids, total protein, fat and lactose. Data on piglet rearing performance were collected at 1, 7 and 21 days of lactation. The present study showed that MC4R and LEPR genes affected carcass fat deposition in sows and influenced production of nutrient-rich milk. Sows of the MC4R AA genotype, as well as sowsof the LEPRBB genotype, characterized by a greater backfat thickness, produced colostrum with a lower content of fat, protein and solids. In addition, the fact that the investigated polymorphisms have no effect on piglet rearing results suggests that these markers could be used in selecting pigs for decreased backfat thickness, without fear of reducing the quality of milk and thereby piglet rearing performance.
Keywords :
maternal breeds , LEPR, MC4R, milk composition, rearing of piglets

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Volume 33, Number 3, August 2015

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