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An Extension of the Technology Acceptance Model for the E-Repurchasing of Sports Match Tickets

1* J. Khazaei Pool, 2 R. Verij Kazemi, 3 M. Amani, 4 J. Kia Lashaki
1Department of Management, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran 2Department of Management, Chalus Branch, Islamic Azad University (IAU), Chalus, Iran 3Department of Management, University of Guilan, Campus 2, Rasht, Iran
Abstract :

The purpose of the present study is to investigate effective factors in making people willing to repurchase sports match tickets online with the approach of extending technology acceptance model. This research is considered applied regarding its purpose, descriptive- survey regarding its method, and is based on Structural Equation Model (SEM). The participants are Iran's national volleyball team's fans in world league 2013 who have at least once purchased the tickets online. Data analysis of the questionnaire was done using SPSS18 and AMOS20.The results show that perceived trust has the highest impact on the attitude and intention of people to repurchasing sports match tickets so the better attitude will have towards using the system. Also perceived ease of use is in second that means as the purchasing system seems easier, desire to buy will be increased. Finally perceived usefulness of purchasing system can create positive attitudes about the use of technology.

Keywords :
Technology acceptance model, Fans, Trust, Sport ticket

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Volume 6, Number 1, - 2016

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