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.: Home > Animal Science Papers and Reports > 2011 > Volume 29 Number 3 > Krzysztof Adamczyk1*, Zygmunt Gil1, Andrzej Felenczak1, Grzegorz Skrzyٌski1, Piotr Zapletal1, Zenon Choroszy2

Relationship between milk yield of cows and their 24-hour walking activity

Krzysztof Adamczyk1*, Zygmunt Gil1, Andrzej Felenczak1, Grzegorz Skrzyٌski1, Piotr Zapletal1, Zenon Choroszy2
1 Department of Cattle Breeding, University of Agriculture in Krakow, al. Mickiewicza 24/28, 30-059 Krakَw, Poland 2 Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding, National Research Institute of Animal Production, 32-083 Balice / Krakَw, Poland
Abstract :

Despite many genetic and environmental factors, the level of physical activity may be a very good
indicator of the physiological (e.g. estrus, approaching parturition) or health status of cows. The
aim of this study was to analyse the 24-hour walking activity of lactating cows as related to the milk
yielded in particular milkings over two stages of lactation. Used were 41 cows in early lactation
(group G1) and 54 cows in late lactation undergoing a gradual decline in milk production (group
G2). Activity of animals was measured with activity meters and expressed in Alpro units (AU),
version 6.5 by DeLaval. The cows were kept in a loose system in one common building and milked
three times a day in a milking parlour. Two hours before morning and evening milking the G2 cows
occurred more active than cows G1 (43 and 45 vs. 26 and 31 AU, respectively). From morning to
noon milking the G1 cows showed significantly lower activity (33 AU) than G2 cows (40 AU). The
highest positive significant correlation coefficients (r) were estimated for G1 cows between milk
yield at noon and mean 24-hour activity, mean activity between morning and noon milking, and
mean activity associated with partial mixed rations (PMR) intake between evening milking and
first (morning) PMR feeding (r = 0.47-0.48). The r coefficients between investigated indicators were
generally lower in G2 than in G1 cows.

Keywords :
cows / lactation / milking / milk yield / walking activity

Date Deposited : 21 Jun 2011 16:24

Last Modified : 21 Jun 2011 16:27

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Volume 29, Number 3, - 2011

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