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Gender Bias at Workplace: Through Sticky Floor and Glass Ceiling: A Comparative Study of Private and Public Organizations of Islamabad

M. Ahmad ; H. Naseer
Department of Management Sciences, Iqra University Islamabad Campus, Islamabad, Pakistan
Abstract :

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a noteworthy tool of all the organization. Its significance has puffed-up day by day due to heterogeneous workers and organizations, to recognize and effectively manage workforce diversity by HRM practices. The main purpose of this paper is to investigate gender discrimination by means of sticky floors and glass ceiling effects in the public and private sectors. The study conducted on two types of organizations in Islamabad, public and private, regardless of the nature of the work. Total sample size for this study is 30 comprising 05 public and 05 private organizations in Islamabad. A sample of male and female workers for the public and private organizations is 15 for each. The data collected through interviews, observations and analyzed using Microsoft Excel. The averages and percentages were calculated and the tables, charts and graphs were designed using the Excel spreadsheets. How women are discriminated against in the minds of the wage and qualification? This would be the main question of this pape

Keywords :
Gender biasness; Glass ceiling; Sticky floors; Gender pay gap; Gender discrimination

Date Deposited : 24 Mar 2016 13:44

Last Modified : 24 Mar 2016 13:44

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Volume 5, Number 3, - 2015

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