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International Journal of Management and Business Research

E-Waste-Concept, Problems and Solution Policies in India

J. E. Rajput
RCPET IMRD, Shirpur, Maharashtra, India.
Abstract :

Electronic  waste  or  E-waste  is  relatively  a  novel  addition  to  the  ever-growing  hazardous waste stream. It includes discarded electronic and electrical equipment. Developing countries face enormous challenges which are related to the generation and management of E-waste which are either internally generated or imported illegally; India is no exception. However, the existing management practices related to E-waste  in  India are reasonably poor and have  the potential  to  risk  both  human health  and  the  environment. Moreover, the policy level initiatives are not being implemented appropriately. The present paper focuses on the austere problem of E-waste along with its policy level implications. During the course of the study it has been found that there is an urgent need to address the issues related to E-waste in India in order to avoid its detrimental future consequences.

Keywords :
E-waste; Hazardous waste; Risk; heavy metals; Management

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Volume 3, Number 1, - 2013

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