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International Journal of Management and Business Research

Mobile Banking Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction (Application of SERVQUAL Model)

1 S. F. Amiri Aghdaie; 2 F. Faghani
1Department of management, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran. 2Faculty of Administrative Sciences Economy, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran.
Abstract :

This research aimed at   applying SERVQUAl model to examine the relationship between mobile banking services and customer satisfaction. While the previous researchers had already examined the effect of qualities services on banking customer satisfaction, no previous study was done on mobile banking. Thus, the current paper attempted to fill the gap in the literature by applying SERVQUAL model to study the quality of the mobile banking services rendered by the banks in Iran. The researcher has used the customer satisfaction as the dependent variable and the five dimensions of service quality; namely, tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy, as the independent variables.Results showed that the four variables tangible (0.204), reliability (0.342), responsiveness (0.282), and empathy (0.345) would correlate with satisfaction significantly. However, the assurance factor would have no relationship with CS.The ANOVA test showed thatthere was a significant correlation between mobile banking services and customer satisfaction.

Keywords :
Mobile bank; customer satisfaction; Service quality; SERVQUAL

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Volume 2, Number 4, - 2012

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