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The New Cosmic Theory: The Universal Compartments and The Universal Vital factor

Dr. M.F.A. Alrazak
Abstract :

The ever expanding universe with limitless frontiers and with the accretions of the cosmic stars, plants and the natural cosmic matters all swims in the matrix of the universe with ‘vital force’ holding and controlling every thing in the universe. The many theories of the universe have fallen short of convincing the scientific communities, of the nature of the invisible cosmic web and vital factor that’s keeping every thing in the universe in an organized unpredictable equilibrium. The first ever principle of a quantitative equation to calculate the ‘vital factor’ in any vital biological and vital non biological matters in the universe, is explained in this theory. The Universe is composed of limitless, ever increasing and expanding units or blocks that make up the universe called Universal compartments which compose of invisible and imaginary irregular boundaries that hold on to each other by the Vital force. These forces also control any natural matter in the Universe. An example equation to more easily illustrate this point, can be seen in this quantitative equation:  Fvf = EUr, where Fvf is the vital Force, E is the differential energy and Ur is the rate of natural accretion, the rate of intussusceptions, the rate of growth or the rate of changes that occurs in any full form of natural matters in the Universe whether vital biological or vital non biological

Keywords :
Matters, biological, stars, universe, accretion, changes, radius, gravity, universe, genes, cosmos, earth, galaxy, extraterrestrial, evolution, theory, vital force, planets. black Hole, singularity, Planck Era, theory of relativity

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