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Immunostimulant Effect of Different Fractions of Nigella sativa L. Seeds against Rabies Vaccine

Abeer A.H. Boseila1 and Afaf A.H. Messalam2
1Department of Virology, 2Department of Phytochemistry, National Organization for Drug Control and Research (NODCAR), Giza 12553, Egypt.
Abstract :

Interest in new methods of potentiating the immune response against vaccine antigens has increased considerably over the past decade for improving existing vaccines. The present study was designed to evaluate the immunostimulant effect of oils, n-hexane and methanol fractions of Nigella sativa L. seeds in combination with vitamin E and selenium as new adjuvant compared with aluminum hydroxide (alum) as established adjuvant against rabies vaccine in male Swiss albino mice. Inoculation was done intraperitoneally in the form of two doses, two weeks apart. Five samples of sera were collected for every two weeks beginning from two weeks after the last vaccination till the 12th week and the antibody were detected using indirect ELISA technique. Our results revealed that both methanol and volatile oil fractions of Nigella sativa L. seeds can improve the immune response against rabies vaccine save and suggested that they could be used as an alternative adjuvant to alum in rabies vaccine.

Keywords :
rabies vaccine; adjuvant; immunostimulant effect; Nigella sativa L. seeds; vitamin E and selenium

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Volume 9, Number 2, - 2011 , ISSN 1545-0740

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