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Improving Growth and Productivity of Fennel Plant Exposed to Pendimethalin Herbicide: Stress–Recovery Treatments

Esmat A. Hassan and M. E. El-Awadi
Botany Department, National Research Centre Dokki, Giza, Egypt.
Abstract :

The present experiments were carried out during two successive winter seasons (2008/2009 and 2009/2010) in the green house of the Botany Department, National Research Centre of Egypt. The present study aimed to improve the growth and productivity of fennel plant under physiological stress of the herbicide pendimethalin. A three hour-pre-sowing seed treatment in methionine, tryptophan and pyrimidine derivative substance (SG93) each at 100 and 500mg/l was applied. Whereas, the herbicide pendiemthalin (8.5ml/l) was supplied as pre-sowing soil corporation. The results indicated that the herbicide caused significant reduction in growth parameters of the fennel plant estimated as shoot length (cm) and fresh and dry weight per plant at the age of 84 and 119 days. The stress of the pendiemthalin herbicide was reflected in the significant decreases in the photosynthetic pigment contents of fennel leaves at both stages and in the content of total protein. Significant increases in total phenolic and free amino acids were recorded as well. The herbicide exposure, however, had led to a decline in plant productivity in the measured yield components. But oil percentage or quality were not influenced. Noticeable counteraction effects on growth and productive capacity of fennel were achieved by the pre-sowing-seed soaking treatment in the amino acids methionine and tryptophan each at 100mg/l and in the pyrimidine derivative SG93 at 500mg/l. Interestingly better performance was obtained in case of the dual treatments, i.e. with the seed treatment under the exposure to the herbicide as pre-emergence soil application

Keywords :
Fennel, growth, pendimethalin, photosynthesis, productivity, stress-recovery

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Volume 9, Number 2, - 2011 , ISSN 1545-0740

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