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Advances in Crop Science and Technology

Vital Frontiers of Science Education: Global Obligations

Akbar Nikkhah*
Chief Highly Distinguished Professor, Foremost Principal Highly Distinguished Elite-Generating Scientist, Department of Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Zanjan, National Elite Foundation, Iran
Abstract :

The objective of this policy article was to describe innovative frontiers of science education for quality economy and life in the new rising era. Science and technology education in the postmodern time will not be counted on merely on the basis of practical or purely hypothetical realizations and achievements. The capability to preserve embryonic tendencies in science and technology education will rely on generating the type of scientists and researchers who can capacitate education and creation of more and not less qualified than own. 

Keywords :
Vital Frontiers of Science Education: Global Obligations

Date Deposited : 04 Apr 2016 10:27

Last Modified : 04 Apr 2016 10:27

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Volume 3, Number 3, May 2015 , ISSN ISSN: 2329-8863

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