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Advances in Crop Science and Technology

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Management of Weeds in Maize ( Zea mays L.) through Various Pre and Post Emergency Herbicides

Amare Tesfay, Mohammed Amin* and Negeri Mulugeta
Department of Plant Science, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Science, Ambo University, Ethiopia
Abstract :

Field experiments were conducted in 2013 during main cropping season at Ambo and Guder to determine the  effect of different post and pre emergency herbicides application on weed dynamics in maize ( Zea mays  L. variety,  BH-660 in randomized complete block design with three replications. Six treatments including Nicosulfuron (Arrow  75 WDG) at 0.09 kgha-1+ silwet gold (adjuvant) at 0.10%, S -metolachlor 290 + Atrazine (Primagram) at 3.00 kgha- 1, s-metolachlor (dual gold) 1.5 kgha -1 , hand weeding as standard check and weedy check as control were used.  Effect of different herbicides on weed density was significant. The lowest weed density was recorded in plot treated  with hand weeding and hoeing (3.12 m -2 ) followed by Nicosulfuron (18.67 m -2) and Primagram (3.88 m -2). But, the  maximum  was  recorded  in  weedy  check  (14.16  m -2 ). However, no significant difference was observed between Nicosulfuron  and  Primagram.  The  minimum  dry  weight  of  weeds  (0.77  gm -2 )  was  observed  in  hand  weeding  and   hoeing followed by Nicosulfuron which is not significantly different from s-metolachlor. Moreover, those treatments  also significantly increased the yield and yield component of maize. This is an indication of the reliability and promise  as well as the exhibition of the great potential of the Nicosulfuron is the effective control of the weeds and enhancing  yield of maize in Guder and Ambo, Ethiopia.

Keywords :
Atrazine; Nicosulfuron; Primagram; Silwet gold; Zea mays

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Volume 2, Number 5, December 2014 , ISSN ISSN: 2329-8863

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