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Antennal and Behavioral Response of Cydia pomonella and Lobesia botrana Moths to Allyl Cinnamate

Marta Giner 1 *, Mercè Balcells 2 and Jesús Avilla 1
1 Department of Forest Science and Crop Production, University of Lleida, Lleida (Spain) and Department of Crop Protection, IRTA Center, Lleida, Spain 2 Department of Chemistry, University of Lleida, Lleida, Spain
Abstract :

Electroantenographical (EAG) response to allyl cinnamate  were assessed on virgin and mated Cydia pomonella and Lobesia  botrana  adults  to  determine  whether  this  compound  could  be  used  within  integrated  management  programs (IMP). Adult ehavioral reaction was later assessed in a wind tunnel, with and without the main compound of the corresponding female sex pheromone. Allyl  cinnamate  elicited  antennae  responses  of  C.  pomonella  and L.  botrana,  both  males  and  females.  Allyl cinnamate EAG response was as high as pheromone response, and it was not reduced after mating. In wind tunnel assays, allyl ester itself was not attractive to C. pomonella males, but its presence did not interfere with the pheromonal action when the number of contacts was compared. For females, a higher proportion of codling moths moved towards the source when allyl cinnamate was in the wind-unnel plume. No differences were recorded depending  on  the  mating  status  of  codling  moth  adults.  The  same  trend  was  observed  in  L.  botrana  males  and  females. Results  suggest  that allyl  cinnamate acts as a female behavioral modifier, but more assays are required to determine its role in insect communication in field conditions before inclusion

Keywords :
Allyl cinnamate ; Behavioral response; Cydia pomonella ; EAG; Lobesia botrana ; Wind-tunnel

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Volume 2, Number 5, December 2014 , ISSN ISSN: 2329-8863

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