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Occupational Health Hazard in Abelmoschus esculentus (Bhindi) Picking and Mitigating Measures

Gandhi S 1 , Mehta M 2 and Dahiya R 3
1 Scientist Department of FRM, India 2 College of Home Science, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, HISAR, Haryana, India 3 DES Home Science Krishi Vigyan Kendras, Fatehabad, Haryana, India
Abstract :

Vegetable A.  esculentus  (Bhindi)  picking  is  labour-intensive  work  that  requires  painstaking  physical  effort,  patience  and  perseverance.  Women  usually  use  their  hands  resulting  in  physical  and  mental  fatigue,  hardship,  exploitation  and  pain.  The  present  study  was  carried  out  to  study  the  occupational  health  hazard  in  vegetable  A.esculentus (Bhindi) picking and mitigating measures. The experimental study was carried out on 10 farm women labourers in Majra village of Fatehabad district in A. esculentus (Bhindi) farms, studying use of four types of gloves as existing protective measures used by the respondents and then introduced 3 appropriate technologies viz. protective gloves, capron and vegetable picking bags as mitigating measures. Women rkers faced severe health hazards in  picking  A.  esculentus  (Bhindi) (lady finger) in terms of cuts and wounds in hands, hardness of skin, itching, blisters and abrasions.Various mitigating measures used by the respondents during A. esculentus (Bhindi) picking were emade mittens of cloth materials (40%), surgical gloves (30%), cotton (20%) and woolen gloves (10%). Performance  evaluation  of  existing  mitigation  measures  was  studied  in  terms  of  durability,  safety  and  comfort  in  terms  of  sweating,  it  was  highlighted  that  mittens  made  of  denim  cloth  were  preferred  most  (Rank  I)  followed  by  cotton  gloves  (Rank  II),  woolen  gloves  (Rank  III)  and  surgical  gloves  (Rank  IV).  Use  of  improved  technology  in  A.  esculentus  (Bhindi)  picking  not  only  reduced  the  health  hazards,  but  also  increased  the  output  by  40  percent,  thereby, increasing the efficiency of the worker.

Keywords :
Vegetable picking; Health hazard; A. esculentus (Bhindi) ; lady finger; Agricultural operations

Date Deposited : 05 Apr 2016 12:00

Last Modified : 05 Apr 2016 12:00

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Volume 2, Number 4, November 2014 , ISSN ISSN: 2329-8863

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