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Advances in Crop Science and Technology

.: Home > Advances in Crop Science and Technology > 2014 > Volume 2 Number 4 > Endale Hailu 1 *, Gezahegne Getaneh 2 , Tadesse Sefera 1 , Negussie Tadesse 1 , Beyene Bitew 3 , Anteneh Boydom 1 , Daniel Kassa 1 and Tamene Temesgen 1

Faba Bean Gall; a New Threat for Faba Bean ( Vicia faba ) Production in Ethiopia

Endale Hailu 1 *, Gezahegne Getaneh 2 , Tadesse Sefera 1 , Negussie Tadesse 1 , Beyene Bitew 3 , Anteneh Boydom 1 , Daniel Kassa 1 and Tamene Temesgen 1
1 Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, P.O.Box 2003, Ethiopia 2 Addis Ababa University, Salale Campus, P.O.Box 2003, Ethiopia 3 Debre Birhan Research center, Ethiopia
Abstract :

Faba bean ranks first in its production volume and cultivated land among pulse crops cultivated in Ethiopia and it is valuable as the cheap source of protein in most Ethiopian diet. It also plays a significant role in soil fertility restoration and in export market. Production of the crop is, however, constrained by several pests. The objective of this study was to find out the distribution and intensity of newly occurred epidemic faba bean gall disease and other diseases affecting faba bean in the major growing areas of central and northern part of Ethiopia. The survey was made in 2013 main cropping season (in September) along the main roads and accessible routes in each surveyed district at every 5-10 km intervals as per faba bean fields available. Five samples were taken in each faba bean
field by moving “X” fashion. The mean prevalence of faba bean gall, Ascochyta blight, Chocolate spot and rust were 48.5%, 63.6%, 94.6% and 1.9%, respectively. The mean incidence of the formal all diseases were 15.4%, 30.3%, 42.4% and 0.1% in their previous order. Based on severity scale, mean disease severity of Ascochyta blight and chocolate spot were 1.9 and 1.5, respectively. Mean severity of faba bean gall and faba bean rust were 6.4% and 0.1% were recorded in their order. The disease was more sever in Amhara region with mean disease severity of 22.2% followed by Tigray and Oromiya region which had 11.3% and 7.8% severity value, respectively. The newly observed Faba bean gall disease was found the most devastating and widely disseminated in the area within a few years since its occurrence. The production of the crop is highly challenged and farmers are frustrated by the nature of the disease. Farmers witnessed the appearance of the disease three years ago in 2011 in Oromiya. They observed fast dissemination and increasing coverage of the pathogen in time and space. In fact the disease is epidemic and more  serious  from  the  record  and  the  information  from  Faba  bean  growers  in  the  surveyed  areas.  The  epidemic  conditions of the disease have significant implication on the production of Faba bean and on the country’s economy. This survey information helps to consider the disease as serious pest in Ethiopia and in development of management options. In the future, ecology and biology of the causative agent, yield loss due to the diseases, breeding for disease resistance/tolerance and management strategies should get attention

Keywords :
Disease; Faba bean; Faba bean gall; Incidence; Prevalence; Severity

Date Deposited : 05 Apr 2016 15:23

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Volume 2, Number 4, November 2014 , ISSN ISSN: 2329-8863

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